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SIGCSE’24 Escapes


Do you like Escape Rooms? I sure do. While we’re in Portland for SIGCSE’24, I plan to do an Escape Room. If you’d like to join me, keep reading!

The “Arcade” room has a “Very Positive” rating on Morty:

You are trapped in an arcade where the crazy arcade owner has decided to play a game with you. A bomb with a timer is set to go off in 60 minutes unless your team can solve the puzzles to get out before it explodes. You can try for the high score, but in this game you only get one life!

Never done an Escape Room before? You can learn more about them here:

If you’re interested in joining me, you can sign up using the form above. You can also use this form to signal more general interest, if you aren’t sure you can make it.

I have no idea how many folks will be interested in this, so I can’t make a promise about there being space for everyone. I can only guarantee that I will be there. I’ll do my best to coordinate things with whoever fills out the form via text once we get to SIGCSE!