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My name is Austin Cory Bart, and I’m an Associate Professor at the University of Delaware. I received my PhD in Computer Science with a Learning Sciences certification from Virginia Tech.

I like to make educational software. I enjoy teaching. I also do research on how people learn.

Here’s some quick links about me:

Here is my work:

I am interested in Computer Science Education, both as a teacher and a researcher. I ask questions like:

My primary research interest is Digital Education, which can be broadly divided into two facets:

Computer Science Education - The study and practice of teaching people how to become better Computer Scientists. This includes:

Learning Sciences - The study and application of how people learn. This includes:

Digital Education is not just about pedagogy or technology. This subject lies at the intersection of many disciplines: software engineering, learning sciences, data science, information storage and retrieval, cognitive science, and more. These disciplines are required by Digital Education researchers to develop tools, artifacts, and techniques to aid the educational process.

My goal is to create technical scaffolding that can support educational experiences for students and aid instructors. I have created, and will create in the future, technological tools that are useful at levels from kindergarten to undergraduates. I am extremely comfortable wearing the hat of a software developer and a curriculum developer. Through these experiences, I have come to recognize and appreciate the human element in teaching and learning, and how software can be used to support that process.

Word cloud of my dissertation