PythonSneks Field Guide

An instructionally-designed, open-source introductory Python curriculum for university settings

The PythonSneks Teaching Field Guide

An introductory curriculum for learning Python, built following Instructional Design principles. The materials of the course are meant to be open-source and evaluated, in the hopes of establishing a baseline introductory level course. The target audience is explicitly undergraduate students in a university setting who are not computing majors, but are in STEM.



Field Guide Outline

  1. Course Overview
  2. Learner Analysis
  3. Course Topics
  4. Staff Roles
  5. Tools
  6. Design Decisions
  7. Setting up your Course
  8. Module Guide


  1. Course Explanations
  2. Alternative Courses
  3. Action Design Research

Curriculum Materials

The following links allow you to browse the curriculum on GitHub:

The Canvas Site

The materials here are destined for a Canvas site. Materials are synchronized using Waltz (well, they are in Version 2; in Version 1 we had a more ad-hoc script, but eventually pulled the “final” versions using Waltz).

You can visit the Canvas site here:


A number of people have been involved and should be recognized:

Photo of Dr. Bart