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Potential Projects

Are you an undergraduate interested in doing research with me? Here are some topics and areas that are interesting to me.

Game Dev Library for Skulpt

BlockPy internally uses the Skulpt Javascript-to-Python compiler. This compiler does not support all Python language features, although its functionality continues to grow. I’d like to add a game development library to it.

Program Analysis in TIFA

The TIFA module of Pedal performs abstract intrepretation of Python code in order to determine common issues and typecheck.

BlockMirror: Dual Block/Text Interface Component

We recently separated BlockMirror out into its own separate component from BlockPy. We’d like to see it integrated into some new environments, like Jupyter Notebooks.

Curriculum Packaging Format

How should instructors in Computing bundle up their lessons for sharing, evaluating, adopting, etc.?

Waltz: Canvas Management Tools

Various tools for synchronizing a Canvas course with a Github repo

Meta-cognition Interactive Tutor for Programming

Intelligent tutoring system for BlockPy (or other relevant system) that helps support metacognitive behaviors based on a model of students.

Pedagogical Dataset Development

Build datasets that are meant for classrooms, drawing from extremely varied sources

Programming Typing Tutor Game

On hold while we determine need

An experimental game for improving students’ ability to write syntacticaly correct code.